Nurses! The Healthcare Industry is Facing A Grave Nurse Shortage -

And YOU Are The Answer! Let Us Show You How:

Nurses are leaving bedside in droves. Baby Boomers are retiring. There is a shortage of nurse educators, and a shortage in nursing student enrollment. Hospitals and home health facilities are understaffed and simply don’t know where to go to find great nurses. And our very families and friends are at risk if we do not get a hold of this thing. However there is an answer and if you’re a nurse reading this – you are it. You. Your Nurse Network. And Your Passionate to Give Back.

Get the Business Breakthrough You Need…

You have the power to leave a true legacy for you and you family and to really create impact on society. Today, we would like for you to consider starting your very own niche’ nursing staffing agency. Watch the video to learn more and then schedule an appointment to see if you qualify.

Here's How The Business Works:

The Financial Model:

Take a look at this financial model of how the recruitment and staffing industry works and I want you to think about how many graduates you have and how many of them you’ve placed into employment opportunities. Then you do the math:

As you can see, if you placed 1 nurse per month, for 12 months, who received a salary of $60k per year, and you charged a 20% fee, you would make an additional $144,000 per year. That’s only placing 12 nurses per year. Imagine what you could do with a little coaching and a strong strategy. You could become a true partner for many global companies across the world, and be a major player in the solution of filling the skills gap and ending the “war for talent”.

This is a great opportunity for you to add more value to healthcare facilities, nurses, to the global economic system and to yourself.

The Solution:


Today, we would like to introduce you to the idea of starting a nursing staffing agency. Do you have three minutes? If so, take a moment to complete the no-cost/no obligation application below and one of our representatives will be in touch if you qualify:

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