The Benefits of Starting a Niche Recruiting & Staffing Agency Business can be very rewarding! This emerging industry is really becoming one of the most sought after start-up entrepreneurial opportunities today. Why? Well, find out more here!

– This is a growing $126.8B industry so there is lots of room earn $$$ fast.
– You get to work from home or in an office. You have the ability to own your own schedule and don’t have to answer to anyone.
– Low start-up costs and low overhead.
– You can make $500,000 – $1,000,000+ within your first year of business.
– You are giving back and flourishing the world’s global economic system by being a small business and helping other businesses find employees.
– You get to impact people’s lives every day by assisting them with finding employment.

Now, I know you are wondering how you can make $500,000 – $1,000,000+ within your first year of business, so let me show you how:

Direct Hire/Permanent Placement (Your Bottom Line Income):

– You find a job for someone “the candidate” who will be making $80,000 per year in salary.
– You charge the company 20% of the candidate’s $80,000 salary.
– You receive a check for $16,000 within 30-90 days.

Note: If you do that once a month for 12 months (using those numbers) you would have made $192,000.00 in your first year of business just finding employment for one person a month for 12 months.
Contract/Contract-to-Hire/Temporary Placement (Your Residual Income):

– The company/Employer is looking to pay you $70.00/hr to find a temp or fill a contract job.
– You find the temp/contractor/candidate and pay them $42.00/hr + pays insurance benefits etc.
– You make $28.00 per hour for every hour your candidate works.
– So, if your candidate works a 40-hour work week, your check is $1,120.00 every week.

Note: If you keep five candidates working for 12 months (using those numbers) you would have made $5,600.00 per week and $291,200.00 in your first year of business just keeping five people employed for a year, and considering you’re only a small business that staffs other companies, you’ll be able to use small business hr solutions so you’re able to automate some of your business admin procedures and focus more time on earning a profit, finding other potential employees or contractors and the overall growth of your company.

This will mean that you can focus on what you need to do to help your business succeed. For example, should you get some cheap filing cabinets to help you stay organised with your work, or should you turn yourself into a paperless office? What would work best for your office and what would your employees prefer? Talk to them about it and discuss it, spend some time thinking about what your business needs in order to succeed.

You may also want to consider hiring a CPA for additional help with your small business bookkeeping if you’re looking for more ways to improve how the financial side of your business operates while freeing up time from your own schedule to be productive in other areas.

Guess what? You just earned $483,200.00 in your first year of business. Could you use $483,200.00? Are you currently making $483,200.00 per year?

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