Is it your mission to match amazing talent with great companies? Are you ready to develop creative and inspiring solutions to critical recruitment, staffing and hiring challenges? This is YOUR contribution to ending the talent shortage and the war for talent.

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I don’t have a business setup yet, but I like the idea and would like to learn more.

I have not started, but I’m ready! Or, I’ve legalized my business but that’s about it. I now need to get all of the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to launch my business, and I need to make sure I’m compliant.

I’ve legalized my business, my website is done, all branding complete, policies and procedures are in order and I’m compliant. I’m ready to start talking to talent and get my 1st contract!

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The Premier eLearning Resource for the Recruiting and Staffing Industry. Exclusively for Independent, Current and Future Business Agency Owners. Join the New Generation of Staffing Professionals. We’re bringing the people, passion and “the match” back into the employee search business by developing creative and inspiring solutions to critical recruitment, staffing and hiring challenges. This is our contribution to ending the talent shortage and the war for talent. Will you join the movement?

What Do We Do at Staffingpreneurs Academy?

We provide training, coaching and mentoring for entrepreneurs looking to start, grow and maintain a niche’ recruitment, staffing, consulting or executive search business. We offer online and in-person training as well as a number of other training solutions.

What You Get When You Join Staffingpreneurs Academy:

The Staffingpreneurs Academy Community is a place where motivated professionals from a variety of backgrounds can meet to learn from one another, challenge each other, and push themselves further with the ultimate goal of growing a niche’ recruitment and staffing business that supports an independent lifestyle.

Exclusive Membership Access!

Learn, grow, share and network with 500+ Staffingpreneurs! Feel the pride of being a Staffingpreneur and attend a live Boot Camp, meet special guests and receive special incentives & perks including job board access, exclusive job orders, and more!

Step-by-Step Instructional Videos For You

We have tons of pre-recorded training videos that will teach you, guide you and walk you through the set-up, growth and maintenance of your very own niche staffing agency business. Learn the process for every part of your business!

Employee Payroll Funding & Technology

If you’re serious about starting this business you will want to have the technology needed to run your niche staffing business as well as the funding to pay your employees and we will assist you with connecting to these resources, plus so much more!

Live Support Coaching Calls & FB Access!

It’s important to know how to start a new business, but it’s imperative to have live coaching and support when you need it. That’s what we provide for you via a live bi-weekly Q&A Call and MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group access to ensure your questions are always answered!

Contracts, Fee Agreements, Forms!

We provide you with the resources that you need – ATTORNEY APPROVED contracts, fee agreements, forms and other documentation that you will need and use to start and run your very own niche recruitment and staffing agency business.

Hands On Live Training & Coaching!

Live training sessions with Dee Wiliams and other expert recruiting, staffing, branding, marketing and sales professionals to help you take your niche’ recruitment and staffing agency business to the next level.

It is time to put all the pieces together…

We provide you with the knowledge you need to design and launch the perfect version of your niche’ business.


Learn how the business works from an industry perspective. Then grab all of your ideas and allow us to help you put the pieces together to create the most cutting edge recruitment & staffing business.


In addition to training and support tools, we also provide community. We connect you with other entrepreneurs around the world who are working on an idea and dream similar to yours. Being a member of Staffingpreneurs Academy will help you become a better, smarter more successful Staffingpreneur.

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